Saturday, March 31, 2012

looks like I'm close to a good prediction here.


POSTED ON AUGUST 17, 2011 AT 11:00 PM

Strong down the middle. 
Strong down the wing.
Strong on D.
Stong in Goal. 
Very Strong prospects and Potential!

Strong enough?

The team is lead by three centers in Paul Stastny, Matt Duchene and Ryan O'Reilly. A combination of talent, consistency, defense and a huge future. 
Milan Hedjuk, David Jones and Brandon Yip flank the right side, and littel star power on the left with T.J. Galiardi, Peter Mueller and Daniel Winnik on the left. The player that makes things interesting will be Gabriel Landeskog who is expected to make the team. If he performs well, this team will be tough to play against. Joey Hishon is another player that could make the jump but regarless, is a big peice of the future. 

The defense will be lead by Eric Johnson who should be alot better this time around, Kyle Quincey and Matt Hunwick. Gaunce and Siemens are huge for the future. 

Goaltending has depth, a veteran presence, youth and skill in Gigure and Varlamov. Calvin Pickard is the future and may see time if Giggy finds shelf again. 

Should be a good team out of the gates but may again wear down as so many players are young and not fully developed. I have them in the playoffs. 

Hedjuk, Stastny, Jones
Landeskog, Duchene, Yip
Winnik, O'Reilly, Galiardi
Mauldin, Porter, Kobasew

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Darren Dutch and the fresh tongue!

I have to say, I'm getting a little bit tired of how unoriginal the TSN boys have become. They seem to be able to turn any highlight into a "TSN-one-ian FASHION!"......if you know what I mean.

Anyone else tired of,

Ovechkinian fashion,
Zuccarellonian fashion,
Bertuzzian fashion,

All in the same package reel?

It was nice to see Darren Dutchyshen use terms like

nothing like a slapshot to the chops
Put this one to bed
Rang it off the iron

His sarcasm and understanding of the game and that of sports is refreshing and up to date.
I feel like quitting on TSN everytime one of those other monkeys has the Conch!

Some other odds and ends...

I'm gearing up on the Caps this year, they screwed me last year but I see a completely different player in Ovi lately and think he might carry the team to the second round.........UNLESS they play the Pitt.

I'm still down on Toronto. I just don't believe you can put a team together on the useless players the other teams gave up on or don't want.
Armstrong, Lupul (even though superb year), Liles, Phaneuf, Connolly, Komisarek, MaCarthur and Steckel.
At one point or another, these  guys have been devalued and dumped by a different team in the past couple of years.

HIGH on....

Eberle. Hell, I'm an Oiler but barring injury's next year, I have him scoring 50 goals. Hall with a 40-40 and this team WILL make the playoffs next year.

High on...

Calgary. Did I just say that. A couple years a go I said that  BAERTSCHI, SVEN (L)  was the only pick  the Flames should make and that would save them from a complete rebuild. Now with him and Backlund, Leland Irving in net, the flames aren't dead and buried yet.
They are also playing great hockey right now with have the field down on an injury bug.
Go Flames. (nah!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rurner's Top ten in the NHL Draft 2012

Forget the mock drafts of Morreale, Kimelman and Hoffner on, they were terrible predictors last year and will again fail this year. Both seem to think that a team will draft based on position but as history proves time and time again, a team drafts its prospects in the early rounds based on the "best player available" strategy. Now I would give them a bit of a pass on a few of the players taken early on as who could have predicted  Zibanejad going so early...gee, I had him going 8th not 6th.

Well, lets get started by saying....

1. Nail Yakupov.
The most dynamic player, he can shoot, pass and skate and its just about been impossible to slow him down in the WHL. It won't be long before he is wrecking NHL defenses. If the Oilers slide to 1st overall, despite all the forwards they have, they still pick Nail. He is just that far above the rest of the class.

2. Alex Galchenyuk.
Yes, Galchenyuk. He might be Nail's competition if not for the knee injury that has kept him out. Well folks, its just a knee injury. Born in the U.S.A.,  There is minimal RUSSIAN FACTOR risk, and he is 6'2". He has been compared to Marion Hossa.

3. Mikail Grigorenko.
Huge hockey I.Q.   People might think I'm nutbar for putting Galchenyuk ahead of him but the RUSSIAN FACTOR really scares me and I think there is minimum upside comparably.

4. Ryan Murray
Poised and smooth puck moving defenseman, the complete package. Probably going to be and OILER.

5. Matt Dumba
Does everything big. Big shot, Big hits. Arguably the first player taken from the deap defense draft.

6. Griffin Reinhart.
He is 6'4" and can skate! A mobile defensmen that excels in the shut down role and can contribute offensively, NEED I say more?

7. Radek Faska
A 6'2" Center that can put up points.

8. Morgan Reilly.
Had he been injury free he might be placed higher only because we would know what kind of learning curve he might have.

9. Jacob Trouba.
Has high skill level and will eventually shut down NHL defenseman. There may be some untapped offensive potential but has yet to show much offense.

10. Brendan Gaunce.
These are the type of players that you win Stanley Cups with, a powerful winger who plays both ends of the ice.


1. Forsberg. This is another classic case of a player that showcases major talent but really doesn't produce the numbers to warrant such a high selection. Remember Magnus Parjarvi? For that matter, when was the last time a Swedish forward did anything close to what he is supposed to in the NHL. THEY are projects. That doesn't mean he won't turn into a hell of a player!