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Here is an interesting team. I suggessted before the playoffs began that the only way that the Bruins would win the Cup is if they're best player showed up to play. Well, Brad Marchand did! You can argue with me about who you think is the best player all day. Chara, Krejci, Lucic, Thomas.  Not unlike the previous year,  as Duncan Keith goes, so went the Marchand went, so did the Bruins. 

This is a deap team that still has a very big future. Helped by not only great drafting but by one of the worst GM's in the history of the game. C'mon, Kessel for a first and a second round pick in 2010, and a first round pick in 2011. Admit you made a mistake already! The Bruins have Seguin and Dougie Hamiltion  in the recent drafts, and still have a stocked cupboard from previous drafts in Hamil, Knight, Spooner and Caron. And hey, would the Bruins have won the cup if not for the play of Seguin in the third round?

Peter Chiarelli made some great moves when he landed both Horton and Campbell from Florida and Seguin in the Leaf Trade and this team is not only in tact but going to get better. Marchand and Seguin are no longer rookies and with a possible return of Savard to the roster and I'm thinking repeat. I still think there might be some surprise in Benoit Pouliot's game and size and he is only 24. The recent aquisition of Corvo smoothes out the transition to Dougie Hamilton next year. The only losses were Ryder and Recchi who played well in the offs. 

Seguin, Bergeron and Marchand.
Lucic, Krejci and Horton.
Pouliot, Peverly, Campbell
Paille, Kelly,  Thornton. 

Looks good yeah?

The defense has always been strong. 

Krejci, 72
Lucic, 65
Bergeron,  65
Seguin, 58 (More upside than the others)
Marchand, 57
Horton, 57
Chara, 44

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