Saturday, November 19, 2011

The NHL just hasn't got on board the way the NFL has...

NFL viewership is at an all time high, the USA today reports that it peaked in 2010, ,
and I think I know why.

1. Its a great game. The NHL has this also...check
2. Its broadcasting is done correctly and is entertaining to the viewer....NHL, check.
3. The NFL understands its audience and has embraced the FANTASY FOOTBALL CRAZE.

The NHL has bombed in this aspect of the marketing of its product.

When I watch a game of football, not only is the broadcasting top notch, it provides me with MEGA updates that keep me up to date with my NFL fantasy league (FFL). Every game and most highlights are a part of the coverage that I have come to expect from an NFL game.

The NFL might grow at a rate of 7-9% a year partly due to this coverage. Recently I started my 3rd FFL league and ended up with 7 teams (Or people for my purpose) that didn't watch the NFL before this season. I introduce new people to my leagues yearly and am always looking for more new and old players. ....the reason for the expansion of course is that watching the NFL and playing FFL is easy and draws people into cheering for something they never cheered for before.

What does the NHL do?

Highlights without stats! Often I watch the games and find that they present highlights from games without stats and worse, they never have an ongoing TICKER that shows goals, assists, penalty minutes, saves, etc, etc, etc.
For the "poolies" alone come on, you are missing out on some major marketing that would only strengthen the market share and interest in the game.

Come on NHL, get with the times!

PeriodAFC PackageNFC PackageSunday NightMonday NightThursday NightTotal Amount
1982–1986NBCCBSNoneABC$420 million/yr
1987–1989NBCCBSESPN (2nd half)ABC$473 million/yr
1990–1993NBCCBSTNT (1st half)
ESPN (2nd half)
ABC$900 million/yr
1994–1997NBCFox ($395 million/yr)TNT (1st half)
ESPN (2nd half)
ABC$1.1 billion/yr
1998–2005CBS ($500 million/yr)Fox ($550 million/yr)ESPN ($600 million/yr)ABC ($550 million/yr)ESPN$2.2 billion/yr
2006–2013CBS ($622.5 million/yr)Fox ($712.5 million/yr)NBC ($650 million/yr)ESPN ($1.1 billion/yr)NFL Network ($0/yr)$3.085 billion/yr
2014–2021TBATBATBAESPN ($1.9 billion/yr)TBATBA

And guess when Fantasy football took off.


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