Friday, November 4, 2011

Jokinen to Iginla....scores!!

Its about time we saw Oli Jokinen playing along side Jerome Iginla for the Calgary Flames. In last nights game against none other than the Detroit Red Wings, the lines were shuffled and Iginla found himself on a different line with Curtis Glencross and Jokinen. The line put together three goals and looked very good in their debut and victory over the Wings. It seemed to spark Iggy as he was a huge addition to linemates Jokinen and Glencross who have both looked good all season. Jokinen has arguably been the flames best player and hasn't ever looked this good as a flame, it was nice to see him rewarded with some key assignments.

Well, needless to say as I'm not really an Flames fan but I was in a draft in Edmonton and found the Flames players sliding in the pool. I grabbed Iginla in the second round (he should be a first) and Jokinen in the seventh round, two true bargains. After his terrific start, Jokinen has cooled and Iginla was having trouble scoring. At any rate, I was talking with the coach of the Calgary flames last week, Brent Sutter, and asked him why his best player this year was getting so little ice time and even more so, so little power play time. His response was that Iginla can't play with Jokinen. My response...

"You don't think the world class player Iginla can play with the world class player Jokinen? What, Iginla doesn't like soft passes in the slot?"

Look, I'm going to take full credit for the Flames turnaround if they get hot. It was my idea right and it sounds like coach has far....and it probably will save his job.

Anybody have any other ideas or do I really care about the flames?

Robert Urner

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