Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kyle Turris sweepstakes!

I think I would be pissed also if I were Kyle and just wanting a little ice time and a little clarity in my NHL life. First, I make the team, then I don't. Was it me? I'm supposed to be a top 6 but spend my time on the bottom six. I live on a team that isn't sure if its going to be in Phoenix or Winnipeg.....or Hamilton......but not Winnipeg....who knows?

After spending his first season on the Coyotes roster (Some time in the minors), Kyle Turris buried his ego and spent the following season on the farm refining their game without one call-up. He played well in the minors and then made the team for the 2010-2011 season. He respectably put up 11 goals and 25 points in 65 games on a defensive oriented team last year and felt like he deserved a new contract. The Coyotes aren't treating him like the high draft pick that he was. Turris, the 3rd overall pick behind only Patrick Kane and James Van Riemsdyk, only wants a fresh start as the Coyotes have been reluctant to give him any real ice time despite his raw talent and an admirable effort. He has done everything he can for the team and everything they have asked.

Its time to honor his request to be traded and there are currently 7 teams making bids.
Time will tell who will land the young player.

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